Scarecrow Festival 2022

Celebrate the planting and harvesting of the farmer’s crops

You are invited to make your own scarecrow and display it in and around your gardens or balcony or wherever it can be seen from the street.

Build your scarecrow over the weekend of 30th July and don’t forget to register for the scarecrow competition by mid-day on1st August by emailing your house number and street name to info@linmere.co.uk with Scarecrow Festival as the subject header. All scarecrows will of course be entered into a prize draw.

You can vote for your favourite scarecrow by filling in the voting slip on the back of the leaflet (downloadable at the bottom of this page) and posting it in the voting box at the Café in the Park.

The winners of the gold, silver and bronze prizes will be decided by a peoples vote, announced at 11am on the 6th August
 at the Farmstead.

Make your own scarecrow competition

You can design your scarecrow to look however you like or use your favourite book or film character as inspiration. Below is the basic structure of a scarecrow to get you started. For more information, click here.

What you’ll need

  1. A sturdy stake for the body
  2. A sturdy stick for the arms
  3. A sturdy stick for torso
  4. Old clothes to dress your scarecrow
  5. Old pair of tights
  6. String
  7. Straw or leaves

Make a frame

  1. Tie tightly the arms stick to the body stake about 15cm from one end, in a cross shape.
  2. Tie the torso stick in the same way about half way down the body stake. This is the frame for your scarecrow.
  3. Cut one leg from the tights and fill with some straw.

    Make a head

  4. Push the straw firmly to the end and make it into a head shape. Tie a piece of string around the end of the tights.
  5. Decorate your scarecrow’s face.
  6. Tie the head on to the top of your scarecrow frame.
  7. Place a top on the arms crossbar and trousers on the smaller torso stick.

    Dress your scarecrow

  8. Tie off the bottom of the legs of the trousers with string and stuff them with straw or leaves.
  9. Tie the ends of the arms and stuff the sleeves with straw or leaves.
  10. Push some straw under the hat and leave it dangling out to look like hair.

What else is happening

Build your scarecrow weekend – 30th – 31st July. 
Display your scarecrow outside your home, on your balcony, or wherever it can be seen from the street.

Register your scarecrow – By mid-day on 1st August.
Email info@linmere.co.uk with your house number and street name.

Scarecrow labels – 1st August.
Your scarecrow label will be delivered to your house. Clearly display this on your scarecrow outside your home.

Guided tour – 4th August, 5:30pm.
Meet at the Cafe in the Park at 5:30pm and walk the Scarecrow route with Richard our Community Ranger and pick your winner!

Walk the Scarecrow Route yourself – 4th – 5th August.
Collect your maps from the Cafe in the Park and follow the route to pick your winning scarecrows. Don’t forget to fill in your voting slip (download the PDF at the bottom of this page) and post in the voting box at the cafe afterwards. Voting closes at 9.30am on 6 August.

Scarecrow festival – 6th August.
We’re at the Farmstead for a morning of family fun. From 9:30am meet Ark Farm and their petting zoo of farmyard animals. At 11am the Scarecrow competition winners will be announced and presented with their prizes.

Download the scarecrow festival 2022 leaflet with all information by CLICKING HERE.

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