Public Consultation Area Masterplan 3 – NOW APPROVED


ON THIS PAGE YOU WILL FIND THE DETAILS OF Area Master Plan 3 (AMP3) – thIS latest phase in our exciting plans for Linmere (formally known as HRN1). THIS HAS NOW BEEN APPROVED.

The documents on this page are for reference as AMP3 is now approved.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to fill in our Feedback Form, to hear your views, and to better understand your aspirations and thoughts on this latest phase for Linmere. Your feedback was used to help shape the proposals further.

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AMP3 will deliver up to 1,200 new homes and a mix of other use, alongside new parks, open space, commercial and community facilities, primary school, hotel and pub on a site of 24.5 acres.

These proposals respond positively to the natural assets and local characteristics of the site, which is crossed by the Houghton Brook to the south, the Woodside Link to the east, the Kingsland Campus to the north west and a planning application (not part of Linmere) to the west.

Average building heights will be between 2.5-3 storeys with a landmark building at 5 storeys to respond to the gateway approach from Woodside and Sundon Link.

1. Vibrant and active places

AMP3 will provide two neighbourhood hearts to create a focus for community life, The Green and the Neighbourhood Hub.

The Green is centrally located and planned to include a pub, a mix of community spaces overlooking a local green, and a hotel. This location provides a strong connection for cyclists and pedestrians to the future Secondary School and wider Kingsland Campus to the west of the site and forms an important gateway into the development.

Further south, the Neighbourhood Hub is formed by a Local Centre and Primary School set around a Local Park with spaces to play and relax. It is envisaged that these facilities will serve Phase 3 as well as existing and future residents in neighbouring developments and Parkside.

Good connections for sustainable transport and walking connections to The Farmstead, local shops and supermarket in Phase 2, collectively create an attractive multifunctional mixed use offer, providing for the needs of daily life for all residents and workers.

These places will form a series of ‘Neighbourhood Hearts’ and ensure that each neighbourhood creates a lively and vibrant community.


The creation of ‘Walkable Streets’ is at the core of our proposal.

Hub Street forms a central spine through the development providing a high-quality public realm prioritising pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.  Hub Street connects our neighbourhood hearts making them easy to access.

Reducing traffic speeds and carefully designed public realm materials will greatly enhance the feel and setting of the street scene as it passes through the Leisure Hub and Local Centre.

Connections from Hub Street to National Cycle Route 6 provides links to Leagrave Station, Woodside Park and surrounding neighbourhoods in Houghton Regis.

Private vehicles will be restricted along the length of Hub Street. Two separate vehicular loops are created to serve northern and southern neighbourhoods.

At least two new bus stops are proposed which will give access to all of AMP 3 in under 5 minutes walk. As part of our integrated approach, provision is made for pedestrian and cycle connectivity to residential neighbourhoods to the west and employment offer to the east.

3. New Rich and Diverse Landscape

Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle is at the forefront of the design approach for Linmere.

AMP3 will have a varied character, generally being denser to the north, with the development reducing in height and density to the south. The use and role of street trees and the incorporation of ‘neighbourhood greens’ will create an attractive and verdant setting with places to play and gather for the community.

Opportunities for incorporating “rain gardens” along Hub Street along with a new park along Houghton Brook and the ecological corridor along the Woodside Link will create a rich, diverse and multifunctional landscape; contributing positively to biodiversity gain and help address the climate change agenda, while providing easy access to the surrounding countryside.

A swale along Woodside Link along with the Riverside Park that incorporates the Houghton Brook, provides enhanced habitats and strategic green infrastructure connections to the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The design of streets, parks and public spaces will be carefully conceived to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for a broad range of users, with the potential inclusion of trails for walking, cycling and running, as well as play and sports equipment.

How Do We Achieve This?

A Design Code is being prepared as part of this Planning Application which will set guidelines and prescription to inform the future design of the buildings, open spaces, infrastructure and landscape features within AMP3.

The Design Code will be submitted for approval by Central Bedfordshire Council. The Code will be used by developers, housebuilders and the Local Authority to ensure that the aspirations for AMP3 are met throughout its delivery.

The Design Code will ensure that each respective area of the development is brought forward in accordance with its specific location and character, and that the appearance of the future development is compliant with local planning policies, as well as the vision established by the Site Wide Design Code and Site WideThe Area Design Code 3 (ADC3) will look at the details of this specific area and cover the elements listed below.

  • Building height ranges
  • Building setbacks
  • Location of landmark buildings and features
  • Detail of key streets, buildings and open spaces
  • Material palettes for buildings and the public realm
  • Architectural details and character

Please see thePublic Consultation Area Masterplan 3 for more detailed information on what the Design Code will cover.

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