Planning your Christmas journeys

Christmas travel around Linmere

With the big day approaching fast, we offer some advice on traveling around Linmere and beyond over Christmas, be that by road, rail or air.

Some of us will be hunkering down for our first Christmas in Linmere. The presents are wrapped, the fridge is stocked and you’re breaking up for Christmas over the coming days. We admire your organisation and wish you a Merry Christmas!

For those of you still out and about over the next couple of weeks, we’ve gathered some travel advice for those on the roads, the rail and in the air over the festive period.

On the road

With the improvement in the medium-range weather forecast, road travel looks relatively hassle-free over Christmas. Hopefully we won’t be needing any overnight supplies for any blizzards, but it’s worth keeping the screen wash topped-up to clear all the salt and grit on the roads.

Bedfordshire council have advised on some road-improvement closures in the region around Linmere. They appear to be limited to specific roads and it might be worth checking the list to ensure you’re not held up. Details can be found on the link here.

Bus Services

Arriva Bus Services will be running up to Christmas Eve, with no services running on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. For timetables, use the link here.

On the trains

With industrial action looming, there’s a lot of disruption coming to our local Thameslink services and wider rail routes. Trains are running as normal up to 23rd December, with strike action due to start at 3pm on Christmas Eve. Thameslink are advising customers that services will end at midday on 24th December and return intermittently on Tuesday 27th December. With limited services on Christmas Eve, it might be worth avoiding train travel completely. Remember, once industrial action begins, there are no replacement bus services to see you home.

For more details from Thameslink, use the link here.

In the air

At present, there are planned Border Force Strikes from 23rd–26th December and again on 28th–31st December. The strikes will impact airports at Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester. Whilst our local Luton Airport, for now, remains unaffected directly by the action, there will some impact to services, especially those connecting through these airports.

Our advice is to keep in touch with Luton Airport via Twitter @LDNLutoAairport and refer to the UK Govt website for any changes to the industrial action – linked here.

Have a safe Christmas Journey!

Whilst it’s not the best time of year to be making a trip, especially this Christmas, with a little planning you’ll get to where you need. Wherever you’re spending Christmas, we wish you all a good journey and hope you arrive safely and on time.

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