Pickleball showcases at The Farmstead

Pickleball made its first appearance at Linmere last Saturday (22 June), with the Dunstable and Silsoe Hunters hosting an exhibition of the family sport, both inside and outside The Farmstead Halls. The sport is growing quickly throughout the UK, with an estimated 27,000 players, almost doubling in just 2 years. The sport’s accessibility, for young and old, is key to its popularity, providing a great alternative to tennis and badminton, with a much easier learning curve. 

The game is played on a court similar to badminton, with a unique set of rules, as opponents play up to 11 points to win a game, normally as a doubles game. The pace will vary, according to age and skill level. It’s most definitely competitive, but you’re not chasing back to reach impossible returns like your are with tennis, keeping you in the game and you’ll be scoring points a lot sooner. 

Pickleball finds a new convert!

Younger visitors on the day took an instant liking to the game, with some signing up for a full introduction session with the club. Trudie, director of the Dunstable and Silsoe Hunters commented: “It’s great to see the kids picking up a paddle for the first time and really eager for advice to get themselves going. Some of them want to joins us at the Dunstable Leisure Centre for a proper introduction and we hope their parents join in, as it really is a sport for anyone from 5 to 85!”

Pickleball gives you plenty of opportunity to show off your skills. 

We’re going to invite Dunstable and Silsoe Hunters back later in the year to exhibit the game more and find more potential Pickleballers around Linmere. If the sport continues to grow as it has, it’s likely someone you know will pick up the game and it might be you next! 

Anyone interested in an introductory session with the Dunstable and Silsoe Hunters, please contact Trudie on the link here.

The Farmstead Halls offered a perfect space to get a game going. 

Trudie’s granddaughter Olivia serves to Liz, one of the members, as a perfect example of Pickleball’s appeal to families. 

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